Two Years On

The journey continues, into the second year
The long lonely days, the emptiness I fear

This awful rollercoaster ride still goes on
But with the passing of time, people expect me to be strong

Two agonising years, “a long time” some may say
But what do they know, for them it is just another day

Does it get any easier? People expect that is should
I wish I could say it does, if only I could

In the first year, the shock was so intense
Now the missing, the loneliness, the sadness – is so immense

I suppose I am coping – I have to – I am still here
But it doesn’t take much, for me to shed a tear

I have to be “fine” – what choice is there?
Friends are still there for me – I hope they still care

I want to feel better – I want to feel strong
I want to strive forward, but somehow it’s all wrong

The confidence I once had, the spark that was there
So much of that gone now, of that I am fully aware

I am not asking for much, not asking for perfection
Just a sense of being, guided in the right direction

So, with my wonderful daughter, and the people around me
I will get through this; I have to, as I go into year three


In loving memory of ROY