One Year On

A year has passed, where has the time gone?
Everyone told me I must be strong
I cannot believe I have survived all these days
Most of the time in a complete haze
I have drifted from one day to another
Pushed time out of the way, in the hope to recover
The devastation that was so tragic
Nothing will ever change that – there is no magic
“Coming to Terms” I will never do
Re-adjusting – just trying to get through
“Moving on” is another hatred term
Before people speak, I wish they would learn
I have a wonderful daughter and fabulous friends,
a brilliant Counsellor
All of whom my life depends
My husband loved life and lived it to the full
For this I have no regrets, no regrets at all
Apparently I have to continue – I have no choice
Deep inside there is a voice
It says “keep going, keep going – you have to be strong
The continual journey ahead is incredibly long”





In loving memory of ROY