Four Years On

Four years on and where am I now
Still ploughing thru, against all the odds, somehow
I Cannot believe how fast time has gone by
First the days then the months now the years, oh how they fly

Coping better? Sometimes maybe
Moving on? I hate that term but it’s what people want of me
There are brighter days, it’s not all bad
I try very hard not to be so sad

My wonderful man will always be with me
Such wonderful memories of what my life should really be
But, hey, I am blessed with these new found friends of whom I
have become very fond
I am fortunate to know them, because we all share a common bond

We understand each other through our terrible grief
Until we are united once more with our loved ones, that’s my belief
So, with the help of Healing Hearts I have come a long way
To try to find the person I once was, I feel I may get there, one day

– Sharon