Quail Update

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Well, it has been some time since I updated this and I will put that down to it being an odd couple of days (and the fact that Ultima Online has sucked my soul, again). I do apologize.

Both Blackfoot and Reckless are doing well. They are 23 days old today. We have upgraded their little cage so that they now have the entire shelf space (which turns out it is a good size for a brooder). We used a plastic box from ASDA as the base of the unit then used mesh wire to create some sides. They seem to enjoy jumping up and sitting on the slightly slanted mesh, I guess it gives them a good view of the ‘outside world’.
We were going to put them downstairs in the large hutch that I have set side for them, but I’ve grown attached to them and did not really fancy hiding them away in the shed. Sure, they will have to go outside when they are off the heat, but until then they are keeping my company in my room. They are not too noisy, although they have started taking regular dust baths in the sawdust and have decided that pecking at the plastic flooring once they have cleared the sawdust away is a good idea.

And now, for some updated photos!


As always, more photos and larger ones can be found in my photo gallery which can be found at the following link:
Quail Gallery


Quail Photos

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As promised, here are the photos I have taken thus far. I was finally able to sit down and sort though them, getting rid of all the blurred photos and keeping only the better ones. I am not going to say that the quality is great – I take photos through my mobile phone, so there is no crystal clear quality like you might expect from a proper camera. But, hopefully it’ll be good enough to see how they look.

The photos can be found in their own gallery album here:
The Quail of 24/05/08
(Scrabbler, Blackfoot and Reckless)


Blackfoot and Reckless


And then, there were Quail.

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Officially it is now day 25 since the eggs were first placed in the incubator. I have had some mixed success with my first set of eggs, although admittedly not as much of a success as I would have liked; but it is all good learning experience and hopefully the next time I do this things will go better.

On the 18th at 5pm we had the first quail hatch out of its egg (as mentioned in the previous blog posting). Sadly ‘Scrabbler’ did not survive and passed away yesterday evening. It was sad to hear about (we were travelling back from Epping at the time, and received a phone call half way back) but it was expected due to Scrabbler’s problem with standing (seemed that he had a hip out of place, thus flopped about all over the place … You could see that he wanted to stand and was trying to stand, but just could not manage it). I am at least happy that he went naturally rather than having to have culled him … The idea was on the cards, but it was something I was certainly not looking forward to.

Second to hatch was ‘BlackFoot’ at 10pm on the 18th. This chick was up and about within minutes of hatching and was quite funny to watch running around the incubator. At first he seemed very protective of Scrabbler, keeping watch over him as he tried to stand. Sadly after we put them both into the mini-brooder Blackfoot started to peck at Scrabbler. We put a divider in the mini-brooder whilst we were out of the house, some how Blackfoot managed to jump this.

The third, and last to hatch out has been named ‘Reckless’ (and I will note, I have not named a single one; Doug has been giving them all names as they have hatched) and he hatched out at noon yesterday just before we left for Epping for the day. Reckless is now in the mini-brooder with Blackfoot and they seem to be getting on just fine. In fact, Reckless seems to follow Blackfoot around where ever he goes, and starts calling out for him when Blackfoot has wandered off to explore the rest of the mini-brooder. It is quite lovely to watch the two of them walk around the mini-brooder together.

Today Blackfoot and Reckless are both doing well and have had a relitivly quiet night; which it good because it meant that we were able to sleep!

Once I have sorted out the few photos I have taken I will post them up here. I also have a couple of little videos which I will put up here as soon as I figure out how to transfer them from the phone and have them viewable.


Eggs : Day 22

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The first egg to start pipping.

A day early, but none the less a very welcomed sight – one of the eggs started pipping today. It started off with a hairline crack and before I knew it the chick inside this egg had started to crack around the midsection of the egg.

I have a feeling I will be up and watching this one all night.
Fingers crossed!


Tack (14/12/05 – 09/06/08)

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It sadly seems like it is that time of the year.

We got home yesterday night after once again spending some time at a friend’s place table top role-playing only to find that another of the hamsters seemed to have succumbed to ‘old age’. Tack was found in his nest looking quite comfortable, and seemed to have just stopped … A common site with hamsters (at least those that managed to live their life without any health problems).

Once again, it looks as though I am going to have to get around to putting the rest of my hamster photos online, as the current batch does not have any photos of Tack … I am fairly sure I have one some where, but it will be finding it that will be the hard part.

Tack, you will be missed, but at least now you will be reintroduced with your brothers (… No fighting).


Flinch (05/11/05 – 08/06/08)

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Flinch and MeepIt came assome surprise that we found that Flinch had passed away at some point in the wee hours of the morning. He was curled up in his nest and looked as though he had just fallen asleep. In the recent week or so I had noticed that he had lost a lot of weight and one of his eyes had become a little infected, but I had not been concerned about him passing away so suddenly and so soon … At least it looked as though he went quietly in his sleep.

He will be missed.

Flinch is the brown (Normal coloured) hamster in the picture; using one of his brothers (Meep) as a pillow. Mmm. Comfy pillow.


Eggs : Day 11

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Those that were Clear

I decided that today would be the day I took out the clear eggs and disposed of them. I carefully checked all twelve of the previously clear eggs in the incubator; none of them had any sign of life still.

Their final resting place was outside in the garden behind where the hamsters go to their final rest. There was a nice little hollow under the bush (which surrounds the entire back garden), so hopefully some form of wild life will have a good meal tonight.


Eggs : Day 7

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My new shiny hydroponics thermometer with humidity sensor came through today.
Was very impressed with how quickly it was shipped and how quick it was to get here. I guess the postal service people are happy right now or something.
I was quick to get it out of the package and set up and working. Really simple piece of equipment to use and it even came with some instructions (which are not really needed due to its ease of use).

Sadly the outdoors probe that came with the unit does not have a humidity sensor on it, which is a shame since it would have meant I could have placed the sensor probe into the incubator and kept the unit outside of it. This would have meant two things: 1) I would have been able to view the unit’s display much easier and, 2) I could have removed the second unit I have completely since this one would have done both jobs. As it stands now, I am going to use both digital units – the new one inside the incubator to read the humidity (I can just about see it through the fan casing grid) and the other one remains outside to read the temperature and min/max readings.

On the bright side, according to my shiny new digital humidity sensor, the humidity inside the incubator is reading at a nice 20% which is just what I need. The old dial meter was still reading at around the 45% mark, which was really starting to worry me. I won’t be using that one again, that’s for sure.


Ryo’okhi (14/12/05 – 01/06/08)

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After fighting with a tumor in her front right leg, Ryo’okhi sadly passed away some time during the night. She looked asleep when I found her, so I can only presume that she died peacefully in her sleep.

Ryo’okhi developed the tumor around a month ago when it looked as though it had merely been inflamed. During the following days and weeks the leg swelled up even more until it was around three times the size of what it should be, and started to become reddened and cracked (she developed an ulceration).
I was able to keep the tumor clean and she was taking antibiotics and anti inflammatories for a time but it was clear that they were not helping stem the tumor at all.

Sadly the picture was not as up-to-date as I would have liked, and I am really kicking myself (once again) for not taking more photos! This photo was taken when she was still in the same cage as Mivvi (otherwise known as the zombie hamster), when she was removed from the cage (after trying to kill Mivvi (seems that she also wondered how he could still be alive)) she lost a lot of weight and became quite the thin little thing.

She will be missed (but her noisy bar chewing will not).


User Signups and Post Comments

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I have enabled the ability for people to sign up to this blog under their own user name and password (via the ‘login’ link in the menu then ‘register’).
The only real use for this is so that signed up users may leave comments under posts that I have made. Whether or not any one will actually want to do this is another matter.

So, if you feel like leaving comments on the various posts, that is how you do it.

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