Second Egg on a Roll

Posted in Quails at 3:48 pm by Ravenshadow

Well, we were woken up this morning at 8:55am by the sound of Blackfoot crowing (something he’s not really done for a while now) and Reckless scrabbling around in the nest box (claws on wood, a wonderful sound, honest…).

Reckless had managed to scrape up all the hay so that a nice little circle of wood was left bare in the middle of the nest box (I have since put some sawdust in the bare spot). This continued on for around five minutes and then suddenly stopped and was shortly followed by a “thunk” sound as an egg hit the wooden base and then rolled to one side. Was quite an amusing sound to be sure. Everything was quiet after that.

So. That is now the second egg that Reckless is laid. Hopefully it will not take her long to get into the swing of things and maybe even start brooding an egg herself; that would certainly be interesting to see.

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