A Pleasant Surprise

Posted in Quails at 3:46 pm by Ravenshadow

So, after convincing myself that I have two male quail I was starting to consider where to get some females from for when they finally go into their outside accommodation. Woke up today, did my usual check around of the hamsters and the quail and come across a very odd sight. There was a little white egg sat in the middle of the quail’s nesting box.


At first I thought that someone was playing a joke on me, or that it was just something that had fallen into the nesting box. After having checked with Doug and actually taken out the suspect object and given it a closer look … It was actually an egg! Quite confusing since I was convinced that the two quail I had were both male. Turns out that Reckless is actually a she and that Blackfoot did actually know what he was doing when he was mounting ‘her’, rather than just getting confused or trying to show who was boss … Well, colour me surprised.


For now I have left the egg in the nest box just so that Reckless can get used to laying in that area (rather than random locations in the cage – was actually quite impressed that the very first egg she laid (that is still very odd to type) was laid in the nest box). Hopefully after a few more eggs she’ll start sitting on them … That would be quite interesting to see. Am of half a mind to see if she can successfully incubate an egg herself, since I have no plans on actually incubating anything else in the foreseeable future (sadly).


Now to get used to calling Reckless a she rather than calling them both he … How confusing!

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