Quail Update : Week 7

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Well, it is official, the quails are now a while seven weeks old (just another three before they can go outside). I’ve gotten around to taking some photos today to keep track of their growth throughout their first few weeks, and have also gotten around to taking a few previous photos off of the phone and getting them uploaded to the gallery.

As always, I shall only include the thumbnails of the photos here, and the full sized ones can be found at the gallery page.
Top Row: Blackfoot and Reckless, Blackfoot, Reckless
Bottom Row: Blackfoot, Reckless


Gave the pair of them a little run around the room today. Can always tell when they enjoy being out of the brooder cage because Blackfoot starts doing pirouettes from standing (he’ll hop upwards, flutter around a bit, and generally land facing the other way), it is quite funny to watch. They also seem to enjoy foraging in the carpet, pecking up any seeds that the hamsters may have thrown out from the cages (or I have accidentally dropped whilst feeding the hamsters). I guess they do not realise that the carpet is not actually grey grass…
Either way, they must have worn themselves out since they were fairly easy to catch again and as soon as they were back in their cage they have gone and nested in the corner.

And just because the picture was just too quite to pass up … Here is a non-quail related bit!
Mitten, now being the oldest remaining hamster, has been giving pride of place in the cage on my computer desk that was recently vacated by Smudge.
I caught him the other day flumped out in the sand bowl that I gave him, it was just too cute to pass up! I mean, really, how cute is that?

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