Kakashi the Ninja Hamster

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You would have thought after the amount of hamsters I have kept I would have since learnt that naming them can be a dangerous thing. Now, this may seem silly to some, but I’ll tell you now… Be careful what you name your animals! Once they are given a name, they seem to have this uncanny habit of taking on attributes from the original owner of that name.

For instance. Always think twice before naming a hamster after a well trained, powerful, ninja from a manga series … Now, up until now this has not been a problem. There was nothing wrong about Kakashi scaling the walls of his cage and monkey-barring across the ceiling for minutes at a time … There was nothing wrong about him growing his claws to a silly length and really putting up a fight when I tried to cut them down. However, when I put him in the play pen (a 12″ high glass tank) and he some how manages to get out with a good 6″ gap between the highest wooden item in there and the lip of the pen … Well … Its just not on!

The story goes thus …
I leave Kakashi in the play pen whilst I had down stairs to watch a film. I come back upstairs after the film to put him away in his own cage only to find that he is not where I left him at all. I take all the items out of the tank and rummage around the sawdust therein for a few moments before coming to the conclusion that, some how, Kakashi is no longer there.
So, after a few minutes searching around the room and the house (since I left the room door open due to the heat) we finally manage to find him. Some how, Kakashi had managed to scale 6″ of sheer glass (likely from the top of a new wooden piece I had placed in the play pen for the hamsters), climb over the lip of the tank and either fall to the barred shelf or miss that totally and fall straight to the floor. At which point he likely had a grand adventure whilst I was left worrying and panicking over the fact that I may have well lost a hamster.

So. Moral of the story – Be careful what you name your hamsters, because you never know what personaility traits they may pick up from their host name!

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