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Was filling the water bottles in the various Roborovski colony cages today and came across a very sorry looking Wolfwood laying on his back in his cage. Although he is still alive and kicking, it looks as though he has been a little beaten up by his cage mates (Edward and Alphonse). My best guess is that one of them were either trying to take charge as the alpha of the cage, or had become fed up of having an older hamster in there with them. Who knows the minds of hamsters.

I have set Wolfwood up in his own little cage, but am a little saddened to have to do this because he has always been with other Roborovski ever since I purchased him. I am hoping that he will get on alright on his own.

His backside has been a little nibbled underneath, but the worse of the injuries are his back feet which look to have really taken a bit of a beating; both are scabbed over and puffed up where he has received bruising.
The picture below is not of the best quality (it is hard to take a photo of a Roborovski at the best of times since they do not seem to like staying still for too long!), but I am hoping it will give the general idea of what is going on with him.

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