Another Hamster Update

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Today we are sadly down to five winter whites. Yesterday I was concerned about Summer. She had been steadily loosing weight until she was pretty much the same size as her sister, Autumn. I was checking over the hamsters yesterday afternoon and noticed that Summer was doing her best ‘floppy’ impression. It looked as though she had not been eating or drinking. I fed her some water, left some small seed in the cage with her and made her as comfortable as possible before we went out for the evening.
I was half expecting to have one hamster less by the time we got back, but she was still there. One thing I did notice about her, however, was the fact that she seemed to be having small seizures. Every now and then she was squeak lightly, then louder and bring her front paws up to either side of her mouth and sit lay there gasping for a while before relaxing again. She’d lay like that for a bit then start running around the cage again as though nothing had happened. This went on ever five to fifteen minutes or so. Again, I made her as comfortable as possible over night. I woke up this morning and checked on her only to find that she had passed away. It was expected so I can not say it was a shock, but none the less it is always sad to see them pass away.

I just hope that Autumn is going to be alright on her own now. This will be the first time she’s ever been on her own since the pair of them had always gotten along fine and thus were left in the cage together.

Once again, I am going to need to sort out my hamster photos and get more up in the gallery … I keep saying that, don’t I? One day I might actually get around to doing it …

On a side note, Mitten now has pride of place as the hamster on the desk. He spends most of his time sleeping in either his food bowl or his sand bowl at the moment.

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