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It would seem that this is not a good month to be a hamster, or at least a hamster who is as old as many of the ones that I have are. Since Tack passed away last month we have had some more that have shuffled off to the great wheel in the sky (hamsters keep the sun and moon moving around in circles, you just know it).

Zoe (24/11/05 - 15/07/08)

Zoe passed away on the 15th. That day was one of those days that I wished I had not bothered with the weekly role-play game that we go to. As usual I had cleaned the gunk out of her ear (she had a bit of a weepy ear problem going on) and by the time I had gotten back from the game she had passed away quietly in her sleep, curled up quite contently in the less heated ‘outside’ nest she had built herself just outside of her nesting box.


Meep passed away on the 21st. He had been suffering from an eye infection in both eyes making them weep and gunk up. Sadly because it has been so warm the gunk had been drying up and sealing his eyes closed. Although it was amusing watching him bimble about his cage blindly, he did well enough and I always made sure to clean his eyes up for him.
From the first litter we ever had here, Meep will be missed as his brothers before him are.
Sadly for some reason I am unable to locate a photo of him at this moment in time … Guess I need to dig around some of the older photos that I’ve not uploaded yet (or some of the really new ones) and get around to sorting them all out and uploading them to my gallery.

Smudge (10/09/05 - 26/07/08)

Smudge passed away sometime earlier today. Sadly he was hidden away in the back of his cage in a side nest he had created and I had only very recently discovered him. Seems something inside him burst. But, considering he was almost three years of age we are not surprised that something that went wrong finally killed him… He had a broken (and set wrong) leg for about half his long life and had developed various lumps and bumps during the recent year. We are surprised he solidered on for as long as he did. But battle on he did. It is just a shame he did not reach his 3rd year, that would have been some celebration for sure.
The reason for most of the hamsters that I have ever had… Smudge will be greately missed.

With Smudge’s passing, my desk is looking terribly empty right now, since his was the cage that had been sitting upon it for such a long time now. I guess I will have to decide who will take his place upon the desk (the empty space is taunting me so). I am thinking Mitten, since he is now the next oldest remaining hamster… To tell the truth, the hamster three shelves in general are looking quite empty now. What used to be 18+ cages between the three shelving units is now only five active cages and the gerbil’s cage.
We are down to six Russian dwarf hamsters and twelve Roborovski (although the robos do not count, really, since they all live in four cages, all of them in small colonies other than Little ‘en who is special and requires her own cage).

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