Tack (14/12/05 – 09/06/08)

Posted in Hamsters at 12:25 pm by Ravenshadow

It sadly seems like it is that time of the year.

We got home yesterday night after once again spending some time at a friend’s place table top role-playing only to find that another of the hamsters seemed to have succumbed to ‘old age’. Tack was found in his nest looking quite comfortable, and seemed to have just stopped … A common site with hamsters (at least those that managed to live their life without any health problems).

Once again, it looks as though I am going to have to get around to putting the rest of my hamster photos online, as the current batch does not have any photos of Tack … I am fairly sure I have one some where, but it will be finding it that will be the hard part.

Tack, you will be missed, but at least now you will be reintroduced with your brothers (… No fighting).

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