Flinch (05/11/05 – 08/06/08)

Posted in Hamsters at 8:46 pm by Ravenshadow

Flinch and MeepIt cameĀ assome surprise that we found that Flinch had passed away at some point in the wee hours of the morning. He was curled up in his nest and looked as though he had just fallen asleep. In the recent week or so I had noticed that he had lost a lot of weight and one of his eyes had become a little infected, but I had not been concerned about him passing away so suddenly and so soon … At least it looked as though he went quietly in his sleep.

He will be missed.

Flinch is the brown (Normal coloured) hamster in the picture; using one of his brothers (Meep) as a pillow. Mmm. Comfy pillow.

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