The End of Another Era

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Just as the title of this post says; it is the end of another era.
Having only just posted about Rem the other day, I come home to find that she has sadly passed away. Took a few attempts to actually remove her from the cage after having discovered her buried under sawdust, bedding and other Roborovski; they really did not want me to take her out of the cage.

What makes it a little more sad is the fact that she was approching her third year, which would have made her ancient in hamster terms. I was holding out a small amount of hope that she might just solider on that little bit more, but alas it was not meant to be.
Rem was born on the 26th of April 2006, making her two years and nine months old. I believe that makes her the oldest hamster I have had.

She will be missed greatly.


Second Egg on a Roll

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Well, we were woken up this morning at 8:55am by the sound of Blackfoot crowing (something he’s not really done for a while now) and Reckless scrabbling around in the nest box (claws on wood, a wonderful sound, honest…).

Reckless had managed to scrape up all the hay so that a nice little circle of wood was left bare in the middle of the nest box (I have since put some sawdust in the bare spot). This continued on for around five minutes and then suddenly stopped and was shortly followed by a “thunk” sound as an egg hit the wooden base and then rolled to one side. Was quite an amusing sound to be sure. Everything was quiet after that.

So. That is now the second egg that Reckless is laid. Hopefully it will not take her long to get into the swing of things and maybe even start brooding an egg herself; that would certainly be interesting to see.


A couple of updated photos

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Have taken a couple of pictures today, so thought that I would post them up to keep things a little fresh.

Rem. The older she gets, the balder she gets. Bless.

Rem. The older she gets, the balder she gets. Bless.

 First up we have Rem. She was in the first batch of Roborovski that I ever brought (actually, the only batch I ever brought, since the others were born here). She was born on the 24th of April 2006 and is the last surviving Roborovski from the six originals. She may be getting old and quite bald, but she is still powering on.

Blackfoot and Reckless

Blackfoot and Reckless

Next up we have a photo of Blackfoot and Reckless, taken today. Clicking on the photo should bring up a larger version of the picture… This thumbnail version seems to have cut off Reckless’ head (she still has a head, honest!).

Reckless first egg.

Reckless' first egg.

And last but not least, Reckless’ first egg! I still have to keep reminding myself that ‘he’ is actually a ‘she’ and ‘she’ has laid an egg… It is all quite strange still!

Serves me right for convincing myself that the only two eggs that hatched out for me were both male. Ah well, you know how the saying goes… Don’t count the chickens before they hatch. In this case don’t count out the unexpected, that’s for sure.


If all works well, clicking on the images above should link to their page on the gallery site…

Edit note: Why oh why won’t the text formatting work how it is supposed to work… The text block for each photo is supposed to be to the right along side the photo, NOT underneath it… Waaaaugh!


A Pleasant Surprise

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So, after convincing myself that I have two male quail I was starting to consider where to get some females from for when they finally go into their outside accommodation. Woke up today, did my usual check around of the hamsters and the quail and come across a very odd sight. There was a little white egg sat in the middle of the quail’s nesting box.


At first I thought that someone was playing a joke on me, or that it was just something that had fallen into the nesting box. After having checked with Doug and actually taken out the suspect object and given it a closer look … It was actually an egg! Quite confusing since I was convinced that the two quail I had were both male. Turns out that Reckless is actually a she and that Blackfoot did actually know what he was doing when he was mounting ‘her’, rather than just getting confused or trying to show who was boss … Well, colour me surprised.


For now I have left the egg in the nest box just so that Reckless can get used to laying in that area (rather than random locations in the cage – was actually quite impressed that the very first egg she laid (that is still very odd to type) was laid in the nest box). Hopefully after a few more eggs she’ll start sitting on them … That would be quite interesting to see. Am of half a mind to see if she can successfully incubate an egg herself, since I have no plans on actually incubating anything else in the foreseeable future (sadly).


Now to get used to calling Reckless a she rather than calling them both he … How confusing!