Quail Update : Week 7

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Well, it is official, the quails are now a while seven weeks old (just another three before they can go outside). I’ve gotten around to taking some photos today to keep track of their growth throughout their first few weeks, and have also gotten around to taking a few previous photos off of the phone and getting them uploaded to the gallery.

As always, I shall only include the thumbnails of the photos here, and the full sized ones can be found at the gallery page.
Top Row: Blackfoot and Reckless, Blackfoot, Reckless
Bottom Row: Blackfoot, Reckless


Gave the pair of them a little run around the room today. Can always tell when they enjoy being out of the brooder cage because Blackfoot starts doing pirouettes from standing (he’ll hop upwards, flutter around a bit, and generally land facing the other way), it is quite funny to watch. They also seem to enjoy foraging in the carpet, pecking up any seeds that the hamsters may have thrown out from the cages (or I have accidentally dropped whilst feeding the hamsters). I guess they do not realise that the carpet is not actually grey grass…
Either way, they must have worn themselves out since they were fairly easy to catch again and as soon as they were back in their cage they have gone and nested in the corner.

And just because the picture was just too quite to pass up … Here is a non-quail related bit!
Mitten, now being the oldest remaining hamster, has been giving pride of place in the cage on my computer desk that was recently vacated by Smudge.
I caught him the other day flumped out in the sand bowl that I gave him, it was just too cute to pass up! I mean, really, how cute is that?


Kakashi the Ninja Hamster

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You would have thought after the amount of hamsters I have kept I would have since learnt that naming them can be a dangerous thing. Now, this may seem silly to some, but I’ll tell you now… Be careful what you name your animals! Once they are given a name, they seem to have this uncanny habit of taking on attributes from the original owner of that name.

For instance. Always think twice before naming a hamster after a well trained, powerful, ninja from a manga series … Now, up until now this has not been a problem. There was nothing wrong about Kakashi scaling the walls of his cage and monkey-barring across the ceiling for minutes at a time … There was nothing wrong about him growing his claws to a silly length and really putting up a fight when I tried to cut them down. However, when I put him in the play pen (a 12″ high glass tank) and he some how manages to get out with a good 6″ gap between the highest wooden item in there and the lip of the pen … Well … Its just not on!

The story goes thus …
I leave Kakashi in the play pen whilst I had down stairs to watch a film. I come back upstairs after the film to put him away in his own cage only to find that he is not where I left him at all. I take all the items out of the tank and rummage around the sawdust therein for a few moments before coming to the conclusion that, some how, Kakashi is no longer there.
So, after a few minutes searching around the room and the house (since I left the room door open due to the heat) we finally manage to find him. Some how, Kakashi had managed to scale 6″ of sheer glass (likely from the top of a new wooden piece I had placed in the play pen for the hamsters), climb over the lip of the tank and either fall to the barred shelf or miss that totally and fall straight to the floor. At which point he likely had a grand adventure whilst I was left worrying and panicking over the fact that I may have well lost a hamster.

So. Moral of the story – Be careful what you name your hamsters, because you never know what personaility traits they may pick up from their host name!



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Was filling the water bottles in the various Roborovski colony cages today and came across a very sorry looking Wolfwood laying on his back in his cage. Although he is still alive and kicking, it looks as though he has been a little beaten up by his cage mates (Edward and Alphonse). My best guess is that one of them were either trying to take charge as the alpha of the cage, or had become fed up of having an older hamster in there with them. Who knows the minds of hamsters.

I have set Wolfwood up in his own little cage, but am a little saddened to have to do this because he has always been with other Roborovski ever since I purchased him. I am hoping that he will get on alright on his own.

His backside has been a little nibbled underneath, but the worse of the injuries are his back feet which look to have really taken a bit of a beating; both are scabbed over and puffed up where he has received bruising.
The picture below is not of the best quality (it is hard to take a photo of a Roborovski at the best of times since they do not seem to like staying still for too long!), but I am hoping it will give the general idea of what is going on with him.