Ryo’okhi (14/12/05 – 01/06/08)

Posted in Hamsters at 12:18 pm by Ravenshadow

After fighting with a tumor in her front right leg, Ryo’okhi sadly passed away some time during the night. She looked asleep when I found her, so I can only presume that she died peacefully in her sleep.

Ryo’okhi developed the tumor around a month ago when it looked as though it had merely been inflamed. During the following days and weeks the leg swelled up even more until it was around three times the size of what it should be, and started to become reddened and cracked (she developed an ulceration).
I was able to keep the tumor clean and she was taking antibiotics and anti inflammatories for a time but it was clear that they were not helping stem the tumor at all.

Sadly the picture was not as up-to-date as I would have liked, and I am really kicking myself (once again) for not taking more photos! This photo was taken when she was still in the same cage as Mivvi (otherwise known as the zombie hamster), when she was removed from the cage (after trying to kill Mivvi (seems that she also wondered how he could still be alive)) she lost a lot of weight and became quite the thin little thing.

She will be missed (but her noisy bar chewing will not).

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