Eggs : Day 7

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My new shiny hydroponics thermometer with humidity sensor came through today.
Was very impressed with how quickly it was shipped and how quick it was to get here. I guess the postal service people are happy right now or something.
I was quick to get it out of the package and set up and working. Really simple piece of equipment to use and it even came with some instructions (which are not really needed due to its ease of use).

Sadly the outdoors probe that came with the unit does not have a humidity sensor on it, which is a shame since it would have meant I could have placed the sensor probe into the incubator and kept the unit outside of it. This would have meant two things: 1) I would have been able to view the unit’s display much easier and, 2) I could have removed the second unit I have completely since this one would have done both jobs. As it stands now, I am going to use both digital units – the new one inside the incubator to read the humidity (I can just about see it through the fan casing grid) and the other one remains outside to read the temperature and min/max readings.

On the bright side, according to my¬†shiny new digital humidity sensor, the humidity inside the incubator is reading at a nice 20% which is just what I need. The old dial meter was still reading at around the 45% mark, which was really starting to worry me. I won’t be using that one again, that’s for sure.


User Signups and Post Comments

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I have enabled the ability for people to sign up to this blog under their own user name and password (via the ‘login’ link in the menu then ‘register’).
The only real use for this is so that signed up users may leave comments under posts that I have made. Whether or not any one will actually want to do this is another matter.

So, if you feel like leaving comments on the various posts, that is how you do it.


A Test Post

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This is a test post… Nothing to see here, move along please.

Testing out the WordPress blog stuff and trying to get everything working as I’d like it to work… The hardships of new toys.